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Visit the museum

For those with a passing interest in Aviation and those with a passionate interest, a visit to Shannon Aviation Museum in Co Clare is a must for everyone!

summer camps 2022 - 8-12 Years

Aviation is a fascinating subject, so encourage your child’s dreams with an Aviation Camp at Shannon Aviation Museum this summer!

Aviation Discovery Tour

If you are looking for an exciting family experience with older children in mind, or have a budding or armchair pilot, why not check out our Aviation Discovery Tour!

Scouting Ireland Air Activity Badge

The Scouting Ireland Air Badge workshop starts with a ‘minds on’ session on to how the wing makes lift, what forces act on the aircraft, and how it is controlled in flight. The real fun part is next, a ‘hands on’  simulated flying lesson!

Summer Academy 2022 - 13+

Aviation Academy is a unique way to explore the fascinating world of flight, with an insider’s view. It combines daily tutorials from professionals from across the industry. Students even get to test their flying aptitude and skills in the B737 -800 NG with a real world pilot!

TY Aviation Career Field Trips

Flight holds a particular fascination and therefore is an excellent springboard for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects, making them relevant and linking them everyday life. Why not give your TY Students the opportunity to see this for themselves!


Fly a Boeing 737-800NG Simulator

Experience flight from the captains seat with a Boeing 737-800NG Flight Simulator Experience Gift Voucher. 

Our Boeing 737-800NG Flight Simulator is constructed using the cockpit section of a real aircraft, registered C-GAPW in service for over 30 years. The flight deck includes many original Boeing parts such as the control columns and throttle, which add to the incredible realism of this incredible experience. You can invite a guest also invite a guest to watch you fly!