Aviation Discovery Tour

An exciting new family day out and perfect for older children!

If you are looking for an exciting family experience with older children in mind, or have a budding or armchair pilot, check out our Aviation Discovery Tour!

Join us for an educational and fun new experience to find out more about the about the physics of flight!

You’ll learn all about Bernoullis theory and how the aircraft wing makes lift.  We will chat about Newtons Laws of Action and Reaction and how the forces of Lift, Weight, Thrust and Drag affect flight. Described in everyday terms, its really quite easy for everyone to understand! 

Now, it’s time to test those theories . . . but for your virtual safety, a pre flight demonstration by your pilot instructor on the effects of the flight controls in the flight simulator. Pitch, Roll and Yaw might just become the new household words!

Now the real fun begins as you take to the skies in command of the fantastic Extra 300 aerobatic aircraft. This equates to a Ferrari with wings! 

You are competing in an Air Race around New York City with a number of other aircraft.  Take off from JFK and climb to 3,000 ft AGL (Above Ground Level) and take up heading for the Statue of Liberty, the first pilot to complete a full loop the loop scores!   

Now, turn 90 deg left and head up the Hudson River, but watch your head when you fly under the George Washington Bridge at 350ft!  Make a 180 turn Manhattan on your nose, cruise over the Empire State Building and Central Park before heading back to JFK for your best landing!

Following your flight experience, you will be guided through our collection of civil and military aircraft, jet engines, cockpits and memorabilia. From a choice of flight suit or Airline Captains stripes, you can end by dressing up in theme and taking some fun photographs to share!

We require min of 2 persons to book this tour, please note on booking form, you’ll need to use the slider to add a person.

Aviation Discovery Tour
 Approximately 2.5 hrs duration.
Price Per Participant: €35.00 
Ticket Includes: Pilot Instructor, Simulated Flying Lesson, Life Vest Demo and Guided Museum Tour!
Suitable for: Adults, Young People and Budding Pilots aged 8+

Under 8s are most welcome, flight simulators are not suitable for under 8’s, but there’s still plenty to see and do, reduced rate for children and everyone is accommodated!

Subject to Availability and Booking is Required. 

Availability: All Year: Saturday’s at 2.00 pm.

Summer Schedule: 

Wednesdays, Thursdays Friday and Saturdays: 12.00 noon & 2.00pm                              

(Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult at all times, so we require min 2 persons to book)