Scouting Ireland Air Activity Skill Badge

Discover Shannon Aviation Museum with your Scout, Beaver or Cub group to earn their Air Badge this year! 

Start the workshop with a “minds on” session on how the wing produces life, what forces act on the aircraft, and how it is controlled in flight. The real fun part is yet to come, a “hands on” simulated flying lesson! Race around New York in your Extra 300 aircraft against your fellow friends! Then its off to the museum for a cool interactive tour, finishing off with a live life vest demonstration. Air Badges are available on Saturdays. 


Primary School Tours

Visit Shannon Aviation Museum on your school tour this year and experience a school tour like never before!

Start your school tour learning about aircraft and their controls, how an aircraft produces lift and the fundamentals of flight. Next, learn how to fly your virtual aircraft as your pilot instructor demonstrates your activity! Take off from JFK in an Extra 300 and race your classmates around New York, to the Statue of Liberty and back again! 

After everybody’s flight simulation, our tour of the museum begins. While in the museum, one of our tour guides will teach you all about the spectacular exhibits and quiz your aviation knowledge!


TY Aviation Career Field Trips

Flight holds a particular fascination and therefore is an excellent springboard for Science, Technology Engineering and Maths, making them relevant and linking them to everyday life.

The Transition Year Aviation Career Field Trip is an opportunity to let TY students see what working in the aviation industry is like. As part of the experience everybody gets a chance to test their skill with a fun simulated flying lesson and have an guided tour of the museum. 


AerCap Transition Year Academy

AerCap and Shannon Aviation Museum have collaborated to offer a one-week intensive program designed for Transition Year Students

Designed to attract teenagers who have a keen interest in aviation, it gives them a real insight into the range of careers available in the aviation industry. 

Students will have the unique opportunity to learn about the physics of flight, the engineering that makes it possible and the aircraft leasing sector. During the week, students will also get the opportunity to meet aviation industry role models, such as pilots, engineers and air traffic controllers. Student then get a behind the scenes tour of an aircraft engine repair facility, maintenance training centre and a tour of a live aircraft maintenance hangar. They also get to fly the Boeing 737 Sim!