Making dreams fly with AvKids and AvAcademy Courses

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We have courses, camps and workshops for the budding young pilot, or pilots, in your life. By tailoring educational aviation programmes to eager young minds, we impart the importance of STEM subjects all while keeping the entertaining levels high

Aviation Camp . . . Make your Future Pilots’ Dreams Fly

A “hands on, minds on” mix of fun, simulated flying and real world learning for children aged 8-12.

Aviation Academy for teenagers

Courses tailored for teens aged 13-18. An exciting introduction into the world of Flight and Aerospace first hand from people working in the industry today.

Airline Pilot of the Future

Making dreams fly for the airline pilot of the future! Want to be an airline pilot? Get started on Future Pilots at Atlantic Air Adventures Do you want to know more about what being an airline pilot really involves and how to prepare yourself for training? 'Future Pilots' is a fantastic experience for young people who want…