Primary School Tours

Primary School Tours

Primary School Tours

Duration: Approx 2.5 hours (depending on class size)

Price & Group Size:
| Less than 8 – €37.50 per participant (Regular Aviation Discovery Tour Rate)
| 8-16 – €25.00 per participant
| 17-32 – €22.50 per participant
| 33+ – €20.00 per participant

Group Size: Both Large & Small Groups are accommodated, however the Aviation Discovery Tour rate of €37.50 will be charged for groups sized 8 and lower. 

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Aviation is a fascinating subject and children are especially curious about the wonders of flight. Our primary school tours are designed to introduce school students to the science behind flight in a fun ‘hands on, minds on’ format. Student’s will learn about the four forces acting on an airplane in flight and how airplanes are flown and controlled.

Now it’s time to test those theories during a simulated flying lesson with a real world pilot. Teams of two students work together to navigate a course around New York, with a few loop-the-loops and barrel rolls along the way. Then, take a cool guided tour of our Museum and experience 100 Years of rich Irish Aviation History!


Immerse Yourself Into A World of Aviation.

Get up close to aircraft, cockpits, engines and memorabilia such as the Blackburn Buccaneer XX897 Fighter Jet, Fouga Magister CM170 ex Irish Air Corps,  Spitifre Replica & CFM-56. 

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