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Scouting Ireland Air Badge Workshop

Book your group for their Air Badge Scouting Ireland workshop!

The Scouting Ireland Air Badge workshop starts with a ‘minds on’ session on to how the wing makes lift,  what forces act on the aircraft, and how it is controlled in flight.  The real fun part is next,  a ‘hands on’  simulated flying lesson!

Then it’s off to the Aviation Museum for a cool interactive tour, including a live aircraft life vest demonstration!  Plus everyone gets to get behind the controls of one of the  aircraft exhibits too!

We cover the requirements for your Air Badge level, just give us a call to chat or check out the PDF below

061 363687 for more info and bookings.

Available Saturdays
11.00 am – 1.00 pm.

Afternoon bookings possible if required.  

Air Activity Adventure Skills Badge Workshop

Activity includes a ground school lesson, simulated flying lesson and an interactive tour of Shannon Aviation Museum, book your group now!

Saturdays 11 am -1 pm 
€25 each – groups 8 – 16
€22.50 each – groups 17-32
€20 each – groups 33-48

Scout leaders entry fee €9

Contact Shannon Aviation Museum for Booking. Available all year round! Call us on 061 353687