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Rolls Royce Avon

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Rolls Royce Avon


Development of the Rolls Royce Avon turbo jet started in 1945 under the Rolls Royce designation AJ-65. The first Avon prototypes appeared in 1947, but due to a number of minor problems, production did not get underway until 1950. The first production version, the Rolls Royce Avon RA.3/MK.101 provided 6500lbs of thrust and was used in the English Electric Canberra.

The Avon was developed for some time, while the early versions had 8 canular combustion chambers, later versions had a can-annular combustion chamber. Production of the Avon for aircraft continued until 1974, by which time an impressive total of over 11,000 had been built. 

Rolls Royce Avon Facts and Figures

rolls royce avon

Rolls Royce Avon Gallery