Young Pilots


Aviator Birthday Parties

Party in style at Shannon Aviation Museum, it’s a must for any budding pilot and their crew. This is a great idea for older children and a great opportunity to introduce curious minds to the amazing world of flight! 

To start off, everyone will dress up in flying suits before learning how aircraft fly, the four forces of flight and how the aircraft is controlled before you fly yourself! Then it’s time to take to the skies for a virtual flight as your pilot instructor guides you around New York racing your friends. 

After the simulation, it’s off the museum for a guided tour with one of our tour guides. You even get to take loads of cool photos in your flight suits to mark your special day!


Aviation Summer Camp 2022

Discover Aviation Summer Camp in Shannon Aviation Museum. Our fun and educational Aviation Camps also link with the SESE curriculum. Camp is suitable for children aged 8-12 years old.

Aviation Camp begins with some ground school, learning about the principle theories of flight, young students learn about topics such as how to fly, aircraft controls, and the flight instruments, flight planning and weather. Then its off to the flight simulators for the daily flight exercise! The young pilots will follow real world lesson plans and even get the complete a cross country flight following their own plan!

shannon aviation museum summer camp


Aviation Summer Academy 2022

Aviation Academy is perfect for teenagers who are interested in learning amore about careers in the aviation industry. Academy is suitable for teenagers aged 13-17 years old. 

Aviation Academy is a unique way to explore the fascinating world of flight, with an insiders view. The Academy combines daily tutorials from aviation professionals from across the industry, as well as ground school tutorials and practical flight simulation exercises. At Academy, all students get to test their flying aptitude and skills in a Boeing 737-800NG Flight Simulator with a real world pilot!